About Us

In 1930, twelve poets, novelists and essayists published a manifesto in defense of the South called I’ll Take My Stand, which triggered the Southern Renaissance of the years that followed.  Inspired by their courage to speak out against the collectivist trends of the day, Southern Partisan takes aim at the radicals and revisionists of the Twenty First Century, who seek to replace the founding values of the American Republic by accumulating all power in the central government.

We hold with William Gilmore Simms who wrote in 1853 that the “…reading people in the South are those to whom politics is the bread of life.”  And most of all our journal shares the wish expressed by Donald Davidson in 1927, when he wrote: “If there were a Southern magazine, intelligently conducted and aimed specifically…at renewing a certain sort of sectional consciousness and drawing separate groups of Southern thought together, something might be done to save the South.”  Albeit imperfectly, it is our mission to fulfill that dream. 

Southern Partisan Quarterly Review was founded in 1979 by Tom Fleming of McClellanville, South Carolina, who published two issues.  The magazine was later purchased by the non-profit Foundation for American Education and resumed publication in the Summer of 1981 under the shorter title Southern Partisan.  In 1984, the magazine was purchased by the Southern Partisan Corporation. The on-line version of the journal premiered in 2012.