News From Around the South 9/13 to 9/20 - ALABAMA — Archaeologists Discover Trove of Artifacts at Site of 19-Century Tavern Archaeologists in northwest Alabama have unearthed pottery, glass and nails at the site of an inn and tavern that played a pivotal role in the Civil War. Some of the artifacts predate construction of Pope’s Tavern in the 1830s; others are even older, […]
The Era of Absurdity - We are officially in the era of absurdity. President Joe Biden has asked those who are unvaccinated to wear masks to protect the vaccinated. While Democrats are pushing for a moratorium on evictions and rent, businesses cannot fill jobs. Inflation is rapidly rising, the Federal Reserve is printing gobs of money, and the government is […]
Virginia Removes Robert E. Lee Statue From State Capital - RICHMOND, Va. — One of the nation’s largest Confederate monuments — a soaring statue of Robert E. Lee, the South’s Civil War general — was hoisted off its pedestal in downtown Richmond, Va., on Wednesday, bringing to an end the era of Confederate statues in the city that is best known for them. At 8:54 […]
Our Elective Monarchy - In 1629, frustrated by the unwillingness of Parliament to grant him taxation power, King Charles I of England dissolved the body and had nine members arrested. He did not recall Parliament for over a decade. The intervening period, known as Personal Rule, saw Charles I govern as a de facto dictator, with only a body […]
News From Around the South 9/6 to 9/13 - VIRGINIA:  Work Stalls In Search For Time Capsule RICHMOND, VA. — Work crews searching for a time capsule they believed was buried inside the pedestal under a statue of Confederate Gen. Robert E. Lee that had towered over Richmond, Virginia, hit a snag Thursday. Crews were having difficulty finding the capsule’s precise location. Then late […]