Time To Slay The Privilege Dragon - It is time to vigorously go on the offensive against those who are selling the deeply deceitful ideology of “privilege” before they tear this country apart. Although the “privilege” peddlers point to many characteristics that they say create entrenched and undeserved advantage for some in society, one identified most frequently is so-called white privilege. “White” […]
The Great Escape of the American Civil War - One by one, the Union soldiers crawled out of the fetid tunnel into Richmond’s dark streets. A rush of fetid air and a chorus of “Fresh fish! Fresh fish!” greeted Colonel Thomas Rose of the 77th Pennsylvania Volunteers when the thick wooden door to the second floor of the old Richmond tobacco warehouse was pulled […]
Is Biden Right? Does the Left Own the Future? - Before he appeared at his first solo news conference of 2022, President Joe Biden knew he had a communications problem he had to deal with. Namely, how to get off the defensive. How to avoid spending his time with the White House press corps defending his decisions and explaining his actions as allegations of failure, […]
News From Around the South 1/17 to 1/24 - SOUTH CAROLINA: Hilton Head Tycoon Finishes Civil War Movie About Sherman’s March Walter Czura has led an interesting life. Born in Augusta, Georgia, he went to law school and was licensed in South Carolina. But in the ‘80s, he was caught up in Operation Jackpot, an FBI investigation into an $850 million marijuana smuggling ring […]
Perilous Times - These are perilous times. They are made worse by the government’s political reaction to lawless behavior, which is a greater threat to personal liberty than the behavior it seeks to punish. Last week, the feds obtained an indictment of 11 members of the Oath Keepers for their role in trashing the Capitol building and attempting […]