The shadow of the confederacy: Culture, institutions, and the geography of racial animus in the US - In recent years, the national political discourse in the US has been rocked by debate on the enduring impact of race and racism in society. Contentious and intense discussions have revolved around incidents of police-related violence against Black people (Bunn 2022); the content of educational curricula as part of a broader backlash against ‘critical race […]
How Would Frederick Douglas View Today’s Left? - Frederick Douglass was one of the greatest Americans who ever lived. This man began life as an illiterate slave — nearly all slave owners prevented slaves from learning to read — and rose from slavery to become, along with Abraham Lincoln, the greatest orator of his time, and one of the wisest and most eloquent […]
News From Around the South 9/25 to 10/2 - NORTH CAROLINA: Town Continues to Weight Options on Downed Confederatre Monument The Town of Weldon continues to discuss options regarding the Confederate monument that an intoxicated driver had toppled and damaged last month. On Tuesday, Town Administrator Vincent Connor Winstead Jr. told the Herald there were no updates, and the incident has been referred to […]
When The State Punishes Thoughts - Four members of the Proud Boys were recently convicted of sedition in federal court in Washington, D.C. Sedition is a conspiracy to overthrow the federal government by the use of force. The case stems from the events of Jan. 6, 2021, at the U.S. Capitol. During the trial, an FBI agent inadvertently admitted that she […]
Seven State Flags Still Have Designs With Ties to the Confederacy - Amid the racial justice protests of 2020, when Confederate statues all over the country toppled, Mississippi became the last state to remove the Confederate battle flag from its state flag. It was a moment of reckoning for the Lost Cause mythology about the Civil War that dominated much of the 20th century, but for visual […]