History of Memorial Day Rooted in Civil War - Memorial Day weekend is among the busiest for travel in the United States and the unofficial start of summer; a day for cookouts, beach trips and auto races. But how did Memorial Day, held on the last Monday of May in honor of America’s war dead, begin? Here is a refresher: Honoring the Civil War […]
Welcome to Major League Baseball’s Struggle Sessions - The Toronto Blue Jays’ Anthony Bass is really sorry. You see, Major League Baseball teams like the Dodgers will honor men in nun costumes who hand out condoms and simulate sex on crosses — that’s just “inclusivity.” Orthodox Christians with opinions, on the other hand, will be compelled to engage in ritual public humiliation and beg for […]
Tim Scott and the Republican Id - Watching Tim Scott’s announcement speech, I was struck by how differently I would have responded to his message 10 years ago. In 2013 I wrote: “It’s to their credit that Republicans are obsessed with getting the government to address its unconscionable and unmanageable debt, freeing up the productive private sector to create economic growth and […]
News From Around the South 5/22 to 5/29 - VIRGINIA: Judge Denies Plaintiff’s Motion in Ongoing Lawsuit Over Confederate Statue he judge overseeing the case of Charlottesville’s former Robert E. Lee statue, the one that touched off a violent weekend nearly six years ago when white nationalists rallied for its preservation, has declined to let one of the two plaintiffs remain in the the […]
Navy Drops Confederate Namesake From Naval Academy Residence - The official quarters of the Naval Academy’s superintendent are being renamed to honor the Navy’s first flag officer, the military’s latest step in removing the names of Confederate troops from bases and facilities. Going forward, the superintendent’s residence will be known as Farragut House, after Adm. David Glasgow Farragut, a Civil War hero who became the first […]