News From Around the South 1/18 to 1/25 - TEXAS: Black Lawmakers Hope To See ‘Confederate Heroes Day’ Abolished Texas Democratic lawmakers have long tried to remove Confederate Heroes Day from calendars, and they have high hopes that 2021 could be the year it happens. The holiday comes just a day after Martin Luther King Jr. Day and simultaneously celebrates Confederate soldiers and Robert […]
The Social Media Connundrum - Washington — It is a reflection of the vulgarity and even the criminality now stalking our society that social media, as it is called, cannot extricate itself from this awful question of censorship. Facebook, Twitter and all the other social media platforms that are passing judgment on what Americans say today are in the pickle […]
Pimento Cheese Perfected In The South - The first time I really looked into the history of pimento cheese, I wrote a long article that opened, “Pimento cheese has a dirty little secret. The ‘pâté of the South’ isn’t really very Southern at all.” What surprised me most at the time was discovering that this gooey concoction of shredded cheese, mayo, and […]
Now, The Left Owns Everything - That mob that split off from the Donald Trump rally of Jan. 6 to invade the Capitol has proven a godsend to the left. The death of a Capitol cop has enabled the left — which spent the summer after George Floyd’s death trashing “racist cops” and shouting, “Defund the Police!” — to posture as […]
News From Around the South 1/11 to 1/18 - VIRGINIA: State Won’t Celebrate Confederate Holiday for First Time In 100+ Years The weekend before Martin Luther King, Jr. Day is typically filled with community service events and gatherings to honor Dr. King’s lifetime career of social justice work. In Virginia, that weekend also featured a holiday that commemorated the lives of two Confederate generals […]