Morgan’s Path With Confederacy Included Escape From Ohio Penitentiary - Bent slightly in stature, balding steadily and a bit on the heavy side, John Hunt Morgan was not that impressive to the casual viewer. By only looking at the man, one would miss was the extraordinary charisma of this most impressive of generals. By the summer of 1863, America had been in Civil War for two […]
Playing With Fire On Russia’s Borders - Belarusian autocrat Alexander Lukashenko has cleared out the encampment at his border crossing into Poland, where thousands of Middle Eastern migrants had been living in squalor. Last week, that border crossing was the site of clashes between asylum-seekers trying to push through the razor wire and Polish troops resisting with water cannons. While the crisis […]
News From Around the South 11/15 to 11/22 - GEORGIA: Closing Arguments Expected In Arbery Killing BRUNSWICK – After two weeks of testimony in the trial of three white men charged with murder in Ahmaud Arbery’s shooting, attorneys are expected to deliver their closing arguments today. Race has permeated the public’s perception of the case from the beginning, but the issue has been notably […]
What If Leviathan Destroys Our Freedom? - What if the federal government views the Constitution as an obstacle to be avoided? What if many of its most earnest endeavors have been spent finding ways to evade it? What if the dual purposes of the Constitution were and remain the establishment of the federal government and the imposition of restraints upon it? What […]
When The News Feels Like The Weather - One way to think of the national news is like a political weather forecast. Facts don’t come first — the emotional tone does. The Donald Trump project always sounded doomed, perpetually on the verge of dying in darkness. During the 2016 presidential campaign, one Time magazine cover had Trump’s face melting, and another melted into […]