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Southern Partisan’s Future.  It Includes You.
Those of use struggling to keep Southern Partisan (SP) thriving are at a crosswords.  The magazine has always been a labor of love.  We keep it alive for admiration of the magazine’s past significance and an acknowledgement of the great potential of its future.   Also driving the team is loyalty to Charles Hamel, the publication’s benefactor, who has tirelessly supported the magazine in both life and death.

While preparing for the launch of SP’s new web presence, we considered many different avenues.  Should we expand our focus?  What will be our defining voice in our rapidly changing world?   Should the name be changed?  What content will our readers most enjoy?  What truths can we offer that others are afraid to say?

Then we realized:  it ia impossible to answer these questions without you, our past and new readers who have come here out of a common desire for an honest perspective on our nation’s history and current trajectory.  The new Southern Partisan will not be a website, where one comes only  to receive news and perspectives.   It will be a forum.  A place for a discussion of ideas.  A place where the truth can be told.   And where no one will ever have to apologize for being Southern.

Tell us what Southern Partisan has meant to you over the years.    Give us your perspective on the future of the magazine.    We are also accepting submissions for publication in both print and on-line editions.

Together, let us begin again.

Send your feedback to us via email at or mail your comments and/or support to:

Southern Partisan
PO Box 11708
Columbia, South Carolina 29211