TENNESSEE: NASCAR’s Wallace Booed at Bristol

BRISTOL, Tenn. — NASCAR star Bubba Wallace had a night to forget on Wednesday in Bristol, Tennessee when he was booed by a number of fans prior to the NASCAR All-Star Open. The several thousands of fans that were allowed inside the stadium then began to cheer when Bubba Wallace crashed into a wall during the race. Reports claim that Bubba Wallace was booed in relation to the noose investigation.

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NASCAR All-Star Open: Bubba Wallace booed during introduction

The NASCAR All-Star Open was the race to qualify for the main event at Bristol Motor Speedway on Wednesday. The NASCAR All-Star Open event was the first time a significant number of fans were present at a NASCAR race ever since the Confederate Flag was banned last month. However, along with the several fans present inside the stadium, AP auto racing reporter Jenna Fryer revealed that there were a number of Confederate Flags spotted as well.

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According to Fryer, Bubba Wallace, the only top-tier African-American driver was booed by the crowd while being introduced at the event. The 26-year-old Wallace then crashed into a wall 17 laps into the race, and fans in the stadium began cheering right then. Following the race, Wallace called out Michael McDowell for causing him to crash and miss out on a chance to win $1 million.

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Reports claim that fans booed Bubba Wallace because of his ‘fake noose claim’ at the Talladega Superspeedway. NASCAR announced a noose had been found in Wallace’s garage stall, and it led to an investigation by the FBI. The investigation ended, with the FBI confirming the noose had been there since last year. This led to fans attacking Wallace, claiming that he had made up the noose incident. President Donal Trump also took aim at Wallace after the investigation came to a close.

Wallace didn’t complete the race and on Thursday, he spoke to reporters and defended his role in NASCAR’s efforts to ban the Confederate Flag. NASCAR banned the Confederate Flag on June 10, the same day that Wallace drove a car with Black Lives Matter paint at Martinsville, Virginia.