If there is one thing Southerners know how to do, it’s brunch. Unlimited Bloody Marys and mimosas are ALWAYS on the menu, but what if you could have your brunch and cocktail all in one? This Nashville restaurant has insane Bloody Marys and they are something to rave about.

Ludlow’s Gumbo Bar & Steak, previously The Flipside, is a pretty well-known spot in Nashville, Tennessee and is known for the amazing seafood and gumbo they serve. It’s a casual spot that’s open for every meal of the day.

They also have an amazing menu that includes a raw bar, a build-your-own gumbo section and even truffle mac & cheese.

This is the perfect spot to head to after a long night out in Music City. There really isn’t anything better than some good food and some alcohol to stop the hangover.

They even have a full brunch menu on the weekends that even includes chicken and waffles. If you haven’t risen from the dead yet on Sunday mornings, they also have a takeout option.

The most popular “meal” at Ludlow’s is the Big Flex. It’s the most insane Bloody Mary; it’s a meal and a cocktail all in one.

This Bloody Mary has a pickle, bacon, cucumbers, olives, pepperoncini, tater tots, buttermilk chicken and a snow crab leg cluster. Like excuse us, is this even legal?

This image has been deleted by the owner.

These huge Bloody Marys are a trend all over the US and you can get one in New Orleans that has a full soft-shell crab on the top and this one in Texas that has a hamburger on top.

Ludlow’s Gumbo Bar & Steak

Price: $32

Address: 2403 12th Ave S, Nashville, TN 37204

Why You Need To Go: Not only do they have incredible food, they have an insane Bloody Mary that is a full meal and cocktail all in one.